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Dear Blog…

I Didn’t Choose The Glasses Life…

Dear Blog,

It’s that time again. The Bi-annual picking of the glasses! Now, anyone who wears glasses on a day-to-day basis will know how important this day is. You are about the pick something that will ultimately change the way you look for the next two years. Remember when you decided to go for a new hair style and went though all those magazines to try and find one that suited your face shape and hair colour? That is what its like for us. There are so many variable that need to be taken into account!

  • Frame shape.
  • Frame or no frame.
  • If frame then what thickness.
  • Colour.
  • Does colour clash with hair. (As someone who regularly changes hair colour, this one is particularly important for me)
  • Price. (I pay a lot for the luxury of sight…)
  • And finally, are they in stock? Because you’ll go through all that hassle, spend over an hour in the shop just to be told that the last pair of black, half moon frame with a flower detail on the leg, where sold three minutes ago.

Baring in mind that to even undertake this impossible mission, I first have to remove my glasses and try on all these different frames while being blind as a bat!

And that is just the frame choosing ceremony. Once you’ve picked your frame, there is then the whole ‘Lense Treatment’ session. Scratch resistant? Anti-glare? Tinted? Sun-activated…

Then you wait a week for the lenses to be fitted and by the time you pick them up, you’ve totally forgotten which ones you picked and end up resenting them regardless.

You know what? I’m glad I only have to do this every two years.



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