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Dear Blog…

Age Panic

Dear Blog,

Oh God, I turned 25. 25! I am a quarter of a century old. I have existed for a quarter of a century. I am older than the first Jurassic Park movie (granted only by 6 months but still!).

25 is an odd age. In five years I will be 30 and that really isn’t an age I want to be. 30 has a certain level of maturity. By 30 you have had 12 years to develop into an adult. You’ve had the opportunity to live wild and free, move out of your parents house and become independent, build a career and progress from living off beans on toast to making a basic roast dinner. By the time you reach 30, it feels like you should have your life sorted. The railway tracks have been laid and your little train is now ready to chug along the tack of expectation, stopping at marriage-ville, Babytown and Mortgage Land.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do want to go on this adventure and odds are, by the time I am 30, I’ll be eagerly sat there in my dungarees with coal on my face but the fact that I only have five years to get my life in order for that to even be a possibility is terrifying.

This most likely boils down to my first five years in my 20’s being dedicated to university of some sorts. From 19-23 my life was purely education based, with the odd fun time added in for good measure. Now Uni was a great time and experience and it was just what i needed to discover myself and what was really important to me. I left Uni with this naive little idea of how my life would go…


…That didn’t happen. One thing I did learn: Life is full of chapters. When my university chapter ended, the friends and dreams where left behind too.  I moved away, fell in love and my idea of the future got all jumbled up like a jigsaw until the pieces fell into a different alignment. All these new ideas but not so much time. What if I want to travel on my own or work aboard for a year? Study my masters or explore whole new career path? Start a Youtube channel and be comfortably rich by doing stupid prank videos?…

So here I am. 25 with no real plans, just cruising along.  I guess I’m going to have to see how much I can really cram into five years all while working full time and maintaining my relationship. I’ll start tomorrow… or Monday…

Such a first world problem…



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