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Dear Blog…

Seasonal Sadness

Dear Blog,

We are currently in the midst of winter, A rather warm winter at that. As a child, I used to love this season, I’d even go as far and say it was my favourite season (not that I should have favourites). It was the season with snow, Christmas and my birthday, what’s not to love?

Though, as I have grown older and no longer have school holidays to look forward to, winter seems a bit of a… well… a nuisance. It slows everything (and everyone) down. January is the worst month, right in the middle of winter, the coldest month.¬† All that hype that December had, all the festivities, food, Santa and the new year has come crashing down leaving¬†people feeling fat, offended, full of winter germs and just before you think it couldn’t get any worse, everything decides to break. Move over Christmas, this is the season for new boilers and car parts! Not to mention its because of Christmas that we are all strapped for cash to pay for the repairs in the first place.

It’s a seasonal depression that comes every year but is somehow forgotten about during the next 11 months.

OK, so I know what you’re thinking: “It’s only one month, the rest of the year must be amazing!”. Oh, poor Blog. I am British. Us, Brits, are never satisfied.

So summer is finally here! Yay! You think of all the amazing things you’re going to do. All the BBQ’s, swimming, sunbathing. You might even decide to take up a form of sports… Yeah… No. The best months for us in Britain are probably April, May and June. Then as soon as July hits and the temperature hits 24 degrees, we begin to complain. We aren’t designed for such temperatures. Our office blocks weren’t designed to have air conditioning. Sure we’ll go outside or to the park but you can bet that ever tree and it’s heavenly shaded trunk, has been claimed by a bunch of loved up teenagers and their skateboards.

Don’t worry though, maybe you were part of the January holiday sale boom? Bagged yourself a four night stay in Magaluf and intend to party all week. Well done! You beat the British summer! Unfortunately, if you’re wanting a more relaxing time as a family then you have to deal with the insane ‘peak time’ prizes.

It may as well be Winter right?


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