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Dear Blog…

Hair cuts and Mop chops

Dear Blog,

Today was my bi-annual hair cut. I know how gross that sounds. “You only get your hair cut twice a year?! It must look awful!” Yes and no. When ever I do get my hair cut, I always get 2 inches cut off plus layers. I haven’t changed my style for years. It takes my hair about 6 months to grow those two inches back and with my career, my hair is forever tucked into a hat anyway. Not to mention the fact I dye my hair so It’s never going to be in perfect condition anyway.

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. For me to succumb to the fact I need a hair cut in the first place mean I must be getting very very fed up with it, which I was. My layers had completely out grown themselves and the tips of my lovely pink hair were beginning to fray and become bleached (I blame this on the swimming pool). As well as this, my mane was getting increasingly knotty and trying to brush them out would result in a loss of about 250 hairs at a time. It was full, messy and heavy. It needed sorting.

I have moved around a lot in the past 5 years so I’ve been around (so to speak) when it comes to hairdressers. Most of the time I go to privately owned shop rather than chains as they tend to be cheaper. At the moment a wash, cut and trim will set me back a hefty £15 a most hairdressers, it is insane. Though there was that one time I was charged £35 at Supercuts for a dry trim. I went to get my usual and received a very unflattering, heavy chunk-cut… nothing flowed, the layer were like levels and I walked around in a beanie for a good 8 weeks. Would not recommend.

Today, I went to a hair dressers that I’ve been to a few times in the past, Crop Shop. Its quite a cute place and from what I understand, the girls are sort of self employed? they seem to keep the money I give them rather than deposit it into a till which I think is a pretty cool idea. There are two big things that I like about this place;

  1. They wash your hair in this neat little washing station, where your treated to a very relaxing scalp massage…  my god, it’s to die for. Ever since I was small, I’ve always loved people gently playing with my hair so I was in heaven. I’m pretty sure they are just rubbing in the conditioner but it’s very pleasant non the less.
  2. They don’t try and make small talk! You just go in, get your hair cut and boom, done. None of this “what do you do for a living” crap. I know some people like that sort of thing, I even have to make small talk with patients before we knock them out, sometimes situations call for it but not hair cuts. I am more then happy to just sit there with my eyes closed and let you play with my hair and trust that you’ll do a descent job.

That reminds me. Is it just me who says ‘Yes’ no matter what when the question “how is this?” is asked? This is a habit from my childhood where I’ve always felt the need not to cause extra hassle. In all honesty, I never know what I actually expect from a haircut, I just say the same thing and hope for the best. Plus I have my glasses off and can’t usually see the finish piece until I’m back at home. It is much easier to just smile and wave.

Also, no matter what, hair styles always look 100% better in that comfy little chair. I’ll leave that shop like I’m about to go to the Oscars only to have a shower and never be able to replicate what they did. When I try and style my hair, it just looks flat and limb. Lifeless. Why! I did exactly what they did! That, in reality is then what starts the whole 6 months until my next cut. It’ll look boring no matter what I do.

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