Curious Peas

Dear Blog…

An Explosion of Scent.

Dear Blog,

Like most woman, I love a good beauty product. Something that will make me feel alive again. Feels awesome, smells awesome. The problem is, I am also an absolute sucker for offers. One of the things I’m very partial to are descent face masks. I currently have 4 tubs on the go, all opened, all claiming to do slightly different things, all were reduced in price.┬áThis format of over stocking, bordering hording, can be use for pretty much all beauty products: Shampoos, Make up, Blackhead removers, Lip balms… You name it, I’ll have at last one.

My absolute favourite things to buy though are shower products. So all your hair treatments, soaps, scrubs, even razors, that sort of thing. As someone who routinely dyes her hair, finding a descent shampoo or hair mask is very important so whenever I see an expensive brand on offer, I must buy it. Shower gels I’m less fussy with as I usually have a stock pile left from Christmas and as it’s only February, I have hardly made a dent in my collection. As long as the scent lasts then I’m happy. Here’s the issue though; They all have different smells!

My routine in the shower is:

  1. Shampoo (usually coconut scented, my favourite),
  2. Rinse and apply conditioning hair mask (also coconut),
  3. Shave. (My currently shaving foam is cucumber scented),
  4. Rinse hair mask and apply conditioner (Guess what scent this one is? Yup, Coconut, Don’t judge me),
  5. Use body scrub (Most body scrubs are citrus scented, not sure why. My current one is lemon)
  6. Wash body with shower gel (Working my way through the Christmas stash. Today is pomegranate but it’s brilliant for my skin which tends to be quite dry).
  7. Rinse everything, evacuate shower and moisturise.

So now my hair is super soft. My skin is lovely and clear. My legs are smooth… and I smell like someone has thrown 4 different bath bombs in my face, choking anyone who dares to come near me… Sadly the fruit salad life just isn’t for me.




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