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Escape Games: The Practical Point and Click Games.

Dear Blog,

Recently, a group of friends and I participated in an escape room. I’m very proud to say that we succeeded with 6 minutes to spare and even got a little pin as a prize (I love free stuff but that’s a blog for another day). If you are unfamiliar with Escape Rooms, they are basically practical Point and Click games.  You are given a mission (Our’s was to uncover a murderer which was actually based on a real life murder that happen hundreds of years ago.) and then you are sealed in a room for 1 hour to try and solve it. You are in a room with props, furniture and codes/padlocks and the more you hunt, the more you uncover. They are awesome and this one was the second one my partner and I have played (We didn’t pass the first time).

I spent most of my early teenage years being addicted to point and click games. They were easy yet required an amount of thinking to solve the puzzles. There are websites dedicated to them. One of my favorites was called M.O.T.A.S; Mystery of Time and Space*. No idea if it’s still up and running but there were like 20+ rooms you had to escape from and the story was pretty cool, from what I remember.

Over the last few years, more and more of these Escape Rooms have been popping up. Norwich has 2 separate businesses dedicated to them and it’s a pretty small town. I’m not sure what the thrill is. Perhaps its the ‘fear’ of being locked in? Our recent game was located in an old prison cell which in itself was pretty terrifying, covered in graffiti from real prisoners.

Either way, I strongly recommend trying one out. Not many puzzles require you to get up and actively search for answers plus they are a great team building exercise as communication is essential. I would also play a few Point and Click games in advance just so you know what you’re dealing with because those clues could be hidden anywhere. One of our clues was the publication date on a map, so you see how in depth you have to look. Also, let me tell you, that hour goes by super quickly so being locked in is a huge possibility if you’re not used to these kind of games.  The more people you have, the better because that’s more people to try codes of different locks, more pairs of eyes and more brains.

But if nothing else, enjoy yourselves, they are brilliant.



*I am not being paid to promote any Escape games or Point and Click games. I just really really enjoy them.*

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