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Dear Blog…

The Vegetarian Pizza Stigma.

Dear Blog,

Pizza. It’s a world-wide, favourite food. Universally loved with endless ways to customize them, from thin and crispy to stuffed crusted with pineapple, it’s a pretty amazing food. Unfortunately for my waist line, I like pizza too much and order it more than I really should. Last week was my bi-monthly take away night so of course pizza was the meal of choice. While browsing Papa Johns menu, I headed straight for the meal toppings, a force of habit, when suddenly it dawned on me; I could order a vegetarian pizza!

OK, OK. I know I have always had this ability to order any pizza I want, meaty or not meaty but I realized there is this unspoken rule about what we should eat. In reality, I can do as I please. As a omnivore who eats both vegetables and meat, I can select pretty much any pizza option I choice but subconsciously, I go straight for meat. Not because I enjoy it more but because somewhere along the line, we have been programmed to think that vegetarian equals “not allowed”. Vegetarian is for vegetarians. And this is how said pizza is presented to us. More often than not, the veg loaded pizzas are simply labeled as vegetarian while the chicken with onion pizza is called a “BBQ Texas“.

You will find this pattern repeat itself  a lot. Making sandwiches for myself, I automatically go for a meat filling, because I eat meat. At parties, if you choice the salad or cheese and onion rolls over the meat platters and sausage rolls, people is automatically question your decision. Now you could say they are just thinking about quantity as there tends to be less option for non-meat eaters and thus want to save whatever is available for people with such dietary requirements and to this is say, fair enough. But pizza joints don’t operate in the same way. It’s made to order, whatever the order.

So, meat eaters, don’t feel like you have to eat nothing but meat. Do as you please but remember you are not limited to a meat only menu. Vegetarians, help yourself to any vegan products, just because you’re not vegan yourself, doesn’t mean you don’t like Wagamama’s vegan menu. There are too many labels out there that people cling to when in reality, we just have preferences (and in some cases, tolerances/allergies).



*I have not been paid to promote Papa Johns, Domino’s or Wagamama’s.*

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