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Dear Blog…

The Great Snowfall of 2018

Dear Blog,

How did you survive the great snowfall of 2018?

Over the past month, the UK has experienced a rather unusual amount of snow and as the stereotype proclaims, we are a nations used to much wetter conditions. Snow is a rarity (unless you live in the highlands of Scotland) so when we had 10+ inches fall three weeks ago, most of the country went into panic. There were cars abandoned in the middle of the roads, people were stock piling food (to be honest, people stock pile food as soon as any unusual weather prediction is given) and Norwich was completely white. Unfortunately, working in a hospital doesn’t permit snow days and with no buses or public transport running of any kind, my other half and I trekked for 2 hours to make it to work on time. Dedication.

We certainly saw a lot of things. The amount of people attempting to drive in the snow was insane. Most of the roads were completely covered with nothing more than a few tire tracks left by previous warriors and it was near impossible to distinguish the path from the road. One thing that particularly stood out was the amount of families with sledges. As I said before, we are not used to snowfalls like this. It has been a good 5 or so years since our last extravaganza and with spring right around the corner, the shops had become a ‘winter free’ zone, exchanging winter fun for summer sun. So, seeing so many people with sledges made it feel more like Canada than England. You can just imagine the conversations every husband was having with his wife that morning:

“See, Julie! I told you these sledges would come in handy! And you wanted me to throw them out!” Oh, how smart they must have felt.

I kind of wish I could have joined them as we are blessed with a good few hills here. There were also an impressive display of snowmen, snow dogs and igloos keeping us entertained during our travels. The perfect opportunity to be creative. It so strange how a little bit of frozen water can bring people together.





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