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Dear Blog…

Taming The Caveman Eyebrows.

Dear Blog,

Being fair-skinned and naturally blonde hair has some advantages, one of which is having very light eyebrows. So, while every one of my friends have gone through every eyebrow phase; waxing, threading, tinting… I, fortunately haven’t had to.

However, over the recent years, I have noticed my eyebrows more and more, becoming a usual focus point whenever I look in the mirror. Although from a distance, my eyebrows are non-existent, I can’t expect to have conversations halfway across a room just so my eyebrows look on point (is that what the kids say nowadays?). As my 25th year is turning more into a “year of trying new things”, I though I would give threading a try. After all, the worst thing that could happen is that I see no difference and lose £8.

For this task, I needed the help of another fair eyebrowed, woman in my life; my Mum. It only seemed appropriate to test this with the person I inherited my eyebrows from plus she was more excited than I was. Like me, she has never done anything to her eyebrows besides the odd pluck here or there.

So yesterday, we heading into Norwich with the aim of leaving with perfect, natural looking brows. Armed with ‘before’ photos, we sat in some super comfy chairs and I volunteered Mum to go first. I have to admit that it was fascinating to watch. Who knew you could combat body hair with simple thread?! Then it was my turn. By this point, I was thinking about how wrong it could all go. What if people hadn’t noticed my eyebrows before but now they are super noticeable? Do I really need that kind of publicity in my life? As I working in operating theatres, everything is covered besides my face and arms so my eyebrows are pretty much on show.

The lady started. My thoughts are as follows:

Ow. That kind of hurt. Oh, Ok, you’re pulling out several hairs at once, I see…. Ow!

Right, you want me to stretch my eyebrow. Ok, give me a sec… Ok, I’m literally pressing on my eyeball, potentially damaging my vision but this is in the name of beauty! I must be brave!

Oh, there goes my mono-brow, I didn’t realise I had so much hair there…

Oh no… there is a loose hair tickling my nose! Ahhhh!

You’re combing my eyebrows? I have never combed my eyebrows ever. So many firsts are happening today!

When she had finished and handed me the mirror, I was actually pleasantly surprised. My eyebrows now had shape! I also had a lot more eyebrow hair than I realised. Why have I never done this before? I felt like a new woman. For the next two hours, Mum and I were in total awe of our newly shaped eyebrows. More so for Mum whose sensitive skin seemed to swell around the freshly plucked area. At least it made her eyebrows even more noticeable.

This was definintly a first for me and I can honestly say I will have it done again. Even if it’s not noticeable to anyone else, I feel just that little bit prettier.


One response to “Taming The Caveman Eyebrows.”

  1. Haha at least the swelling went down.


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