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Eurovision Review 2018

Dear Blog

Last saturday was the one night of the year, where half of Europe (and Australia) come together to sing under one roof, battling it out to see which country will host next years event. It was indeed, the Eurovision Song Contest.

I have watched the song contest ever since I was small and have loved it every year. It is so much more than just singing, theres culture, languages and my favourite bit, its art. Every performance is designed to capture you, to win your vote and every year, something new and exciting captures us. This years winner was Netta Barzila from Israel with her song, Toy (or commonly known as the chicken song). I enjoyed this song, it was bouncy, bright and defiantly memorable. Out of the top few, I’m glad Israel won.
Now I don’t say this because I dislike the other countries, more that I found their performances rather boring.

Austria and Cyprus were second and third place and although they had good enough songs, I found their performances to be far too… professional. It is a style that is becoming more and more common, where the stage is occupied by just the singer and back up dancers. Theres that whole ‘armature pop star’ feel and sadly, these sorts of acts aren’t memorable. The UK entry was very similar (though probably one of the best we’ve sent in resent years), very limited stage presence. Though my heart does go out to SuRie, she handled that stage invasion like a champ.

My favourite acts were Denmark with ‘Higher Ground’ sung by Rasmussen and Estonia with ‘La Forza’ sung by Elina Nechayeva. Both these performances were visually stunning. Denmark brought a very ghostly viking feel to the stage with the band sporting long hair and beards accompanied by paper boats. 9/10 from me.
Estonia tried something a little different. Elina wore a beautiful long ball gown which burst will colour and light as the song intensified. She also chose a song more operatic rather than follow other countries and go down the pop route. It was refreshing and gave me so many goosebumps. Also a solid 9/10.

Moldova have got to win for cheesiest award however. Teleporting back to the 1960’s, Moldova’s ‘My Lucky day’ sung by DoResDos was a visual treat. Six member of the group all dressed in bright velvet dresses/suits with some pretty creative choreography. Though, I can’t be the only one who got Scooch flashbacks? The UK entry in 2007… Youtube it.

So all in all, another successful year. Having watched it every year, its very interesting to see how music has developed and changed over the past few decades. I will be sat here, eagerly waiting for next years Eurovision.


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