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Arctic One Challenge: Week 4 & 5

Dear Blog,

I hang my head in shame as I begin this blog. Those of you who have been following my Arctic One challenge will have noticed that last week, I did not post an update. This was due a rather embarrassing and very lazy week had by me. During the entire week (week 4), I only did one bit of exercise: I cycled my bike home from work, which I had left the previous sunday. I am not proud of myself.

fail week

Last week (week 5), however was much more productive. I started the week on a late shift and thus cycled two and from work. My fitbit has been having some issues this week and failing to track my activities accurately which is such a pain. As I know the route to work is just under 6 miles, I decided to leave the fitbit values in for Mondays trips as they balance each other out.

monday challange 2

Tuesday and Wednesday I was busy with work and family activities. Thursday I was on another late shift so I cycled. I had collected boxes for moving so my friend gave me a lift home. Carrying 3 flat boxes on my bike is just not practical. I cycled home friday after work.

monday challange

On Saturday, I cycled to my local Pets at HomeĀ for Clove stuff. It isn’t far from mine but is quite a hilly route.

monday challange 2

This brings us nicely to Sunday which was sportive day! I successfully managed to cycle 75 miles around Norfolk in a very impressive 6 and a half hours! Very impressed with myself for that.

fail week

So overall, in week 5, I managed to redeem myself for slacking so much the week before. Sunday filled me with new motivation so hopefully I will keep it up. I must get back into swimming this week!

Cycling: 165.07 / 621 Miles.
Swimming: 6.5 / 31 Miles
Hours of exercise: 25:05 / 100

For more information on Arctic One and where you can donate money if you wish, please visitĀ

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