Curious Peas

Dear Blog…

Where I’ve Been.

Dear Blog,

It has been far FAR too long since I last wrote anything. Life has been very busy over the last few months. I went to Latitude music, moved house, had people come and visit aswell as juggling work and any bit of overtime I can get. It’s been an exhausting summer but with September just around the corner, I’m hoping to get back on track.

It is with a heavy heart that I admit defeat to the Arctic One summer challenge. I have simply ran out of time to complete the challange and with everything else that has been happening, it just hasn’t been at the front of my mind. However, I do have a 50 mile sportive on the 19th of this month to keep me active.

I have a lot of different ideas for upcoming blogs and creative materials and in October, I am going to Spain which will give me plenty of time to search for inspiration and explore new ideas. I took loads of videos during latitude and actually have a half written blog saved. Annoyingly, I am struggling to make the article look presentable but its a work in progress.

Basically, I’m still alive and ready to take on the autumn months. Watch this space.

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