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Clove and The Robin.

Dear Blog,

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will no doubt be aware that my cat, Clove, is a little unconventional. From chasing deer into the garden to bringing me an endless supply of elastic band from the streets; She is one hell of a character.
She has never been much of a hunter however, that is, until October 2018.

While I was away in Spain, I had several friends look after Clove. One friend in particular, Nick, looked after her for several days and to my surprise, they bonded (to this day, he remains the only man Clove has willingly sat with. She has an aversion to every other male human she has met, including the Ex). They bonded so much that on the last day Nick was looking after her, she bought him a dead bird. Her very first dead bird. I couldn’t believe that I missed her first hunt or the fact she chose to bring her first kill to someone other than me.

Some time passed and as winter came, we didn’t have anymore dead animals. Then, a few weeks ago, I came home from work and did my usual routine with Clove; smother her in kisses, feed her and then she usually sits on my lap. This time, somethings caught my eye to the right. As I turned my head, a small, fluffed up robin was sat, lightly chirping away. My first instinct was to make sure Clove didn’t see it. I ushered her out of the room before closing the door and staring at the robin in disbelief. despite missing a few feathers, it was a pretty healthy looking thing and was very alert considering what must have been a very traumatic day.
As it was so perky, I wanted to see if it would hop on to my hand so I could let it outside. As you might have guessed, it didn’t work and I immediately felt like a fool for even considering it. Each time I tried to get closer to the robin, it would panic and flap away. I was pretty stumped with how I was going to rescue it, the last thing I wanted to do was give it a heart attack. While I was pondering a plan B, I had backed away from my new lodger and to my surprize, it had hopped closer. I stepped back further and as if connected by an invisible cord, it again hopped forwards. Somehow, we had a connection. I processed to back away in the direction of my front door with the robin not far behind me. Once I reached the door, I opened it as wide as I could, hoping a gust of wind would show the robin were to go. It stood still for a few minutes before cautiously hopping towards freedom. In a last moment, it hopped onto my door mat, paused for a few minutes before jumping out into the big wide world. I watched it scurry into a bush and shut the door. I had just let a robin out of my house as if we were long time friends catching up about life. I have never felt more like Snow White.

Clove (having spend the last 15 minutes howling at the door to come back in) was unfazed that anything extraordinary had gone on and we resumed the routine as if the robin had never existed.
There have been no further birds in my house, nor elastic bands for that matter. Cloves latest fascination is with twigs that she brings in from outside. They are popping up in all kinds of places, from the bathroom to my bed. Never change little one, you are unique.

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