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Dear Blog…

Second Wave, Second Lockdown.

Dear Blog,

As of Thursday 4th November, England will be in their second lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The government, at first reluctant to call for another lockdown have insisted that this will only be a 4 week situation and from the 2nd December, everything can resume as normal however I question the validity of that statement.

Back in March, the UK, like most of the worlds were subject to a full unheard of lockdown. Everything must shut, no one can leave their home unless it was for exercise, food shopping or if you were a key worker. That lockdown lasted 3 months and while it did see, to work, COVID was still in the community and as predicted, has spread as rapidly as it did the first time around. Anyone would have told you that the latest lockdown should have happened at the beginning of September, when concerns were first being raised. The numbers have been creeping up for weeks but with concerned on how the economy would cope, the government held it off… until they couldn’t no longer.

As I type this, around 400 people a day are dying from COVID, thousands are still testing positive but luckily Norfolk seems to be pretty stable. We have had cases here and there but overall, nothing too dramatic. The hospital has roughly 20 positive patients (which is nothing compared to what we faced back in April) and our elective operations are still continuing. All in all, work hasn’t changed. We have all the PPE we need at the moment and this time around we are better prepared. We know what we are facing and more research has been done to clarify the risks of catching it. My biggest concern is that Norfolk has quite a large elderly population, a population that were shielding during the first lockdown but are not during this lockdown. If these people catch COVID-19, then we could quite quickly become overwhelmed at work, not to mention these are deaths that has been prevented months ago. This is just a theory, however. I hope I am wrong.

Personally, despite my rational brain but like so many others, I am gutted and frustrated by the second lockdown. Things were starting to feel normal again and despite the rising cases on other areas of the UK, our little bubble hadn’t been touched. I was already struggling to keep on top of work, my personal life and my online acting class. This lockdown just makes things even more difficult. I was looking forward to having plans for the first time in months but I know this is what needed to happen. We need this lockdown so we can start planning a better, brighter 2021 but until then, everything is on hold. I hope these 4 weeks fly by and then we can think about spending Christmas with our families. This has got to be it… I’ve never heard of a 3rd lockdown…

P.S. Please lay off the toilet roll this time!

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