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Dear Blog…

My 2020 Review.

Dear Blog,

For the past few years, I have been writing a yearly roundup of personal events as a sort of diary to myself. 2020 has been a peculiar year for everyone on this rotating ball of rock however as an ODP for the NHS, I’ve found my self challenged professionally as well as personally. Here is a monthly breakdown of some of the biggest moment from my 2020.


  • Back in January, covid was relatively new and isolated to the Eastern world. This meant I was fortunate enough to celebrate my birthday at Centre Parcs with 3 of my closest friends.
  • I started my first acting course at Norwich Theatre Royal.
  • I passed my driving test first time and with only 5 minors!
  • Gemma and I watched Wicked at the West End.


  • February started off very badly with an unexpected eviction noticed on my doorstep. The landlord needed to move back into the property and I had 2 months to move.
  • I was cast in a short film called Derek: The unluckiest man in love. My scene was only 30 seconds long but the whole experience was amazing.
  • I bought my first car.


  • Successful finished my acting course before lockdown.
  • I saw Les Miserable for the first time ever and it was the stage production!
  • Covid, covid and more covid. The UK was placed under a national lockdown on the 23rd March and the workload at the hospital increased dramatically. Elective operations were canceled and in an effort to support the emergency service, I was one of the many to temporary transfer teams.


  • Due to covid and money, Clove and I moved in with two of my colleagues. It was a rocky start but we have now found our own routines.
  • Covid continued as did lockdown.


  • I honestly don’t remember much from May. We were still in lockdown but an end was insight.
  • Covid cancels out two week trip to Canada.


  • Shops had started to open again and hope of some sort of normality was raising.
  • Interviewed for a permanent position within the emergency team. I got rejected.
  • Clove disappeared for 4 days!


  • Lockdown officially ends.


  • I participated in a silent march for acknowledgement for the NHS. It was an experience however it fell on deaf ears.


  • I got my hair permed! (Almost 4 months on and I still love it!).
  • I started my second acting course if the year however due to Covid, the course was moved online.
  • I met someone…


  • Limited by new Covid restrictions, there wasn’t much to be done during October.
  • Many dates!


  • Lockdown #2.
  • I was offered a permanent position in the Emergency team.


  • Second lockdown is lifted after 4 weeks but we enter a new tier system which means Norwich is on medium alert.
  • Derek:The unluckiest man in love is released for private viewing.
  • I complete my acting course with a 2 person zoom scene. It’s an interesting experience but makes me long for the stage.
  • Covid cases begin to raise again and the government implements a new tier to the system: Tier 4 which is basically lockdown. Norwich enters Tier 4 on Boxing Day and it is unlikely to be lifted until February.

It has been a very uneventful year and I find it hard to believe it’s the new year. As my life was on repeat for so many months, it still feels like June to me. But as this dreaded year draws to a close, we can only hope that 2021 is better. With the role out of the vaccine, hopefully this time next year will be much more exciting.

Have a great New Year and stay safe.

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