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Dear Blog…

A Tail About Ollie.

Dear Blog,

I’m going to warn you, this is another cat story.

So, my mum has 3 cats, Ditsy and Lucky (who are brother and sister) and Ollie. We have had the twins since birth and after their mother passed away, they were our only cats for a short time, that is until Ollie appeared randomly one day.

In March 2012, a stray tabby took up shelter under our patio chairs. At first, we assumed he was one of Ditsy’s courtiers (despite the fact she was neutered) as she was quite popular within the neighborhood. Our usual protocol for suitors was to spray water at them until they fled the garden but that didn’t stir this tabby. He flinched and jumped a little but would resume his position as patio guard. We tried the spray technique for several weeks before reluctantly admitting defeat.

Next we tried the “If I can’t see it, it’s not there” approach. This was easier said than done as by this time, he had been here for about a month and Lucky (being the fluffy, lovable chunk that he is) had befriended the stray. We tried to ignored him for a week before one day when my mum and I noticed how thin the poor thing was getting. So I did the one thing you’re not suppose to do; I fed him. By this time I was getting quite attached to the wild feline (To be honest, it doesn’t take much). I had gained enough trust for him to tolerate me stroking his head and even make him purr. My mother however, was taking a bit more time to accept our lodger. After he ate his bowl of food, he would go back to his resting spot until his next interaction. This continues for a little while longer until we notices the stray had a little bit of a problem… Fleas. We certainly didn’t want our cats to catch fleas but there was no way we could stop Lucky hanging out with his new buddy so I decided to buy a cheap flea collar. He seemed pretty happy with it.

Then things got weird. The next day, I went outside to feed the Stray like usual when I noticed a small white note has been tucked into his collar. It read “If this is your cat, please call…”. My heart sank. He had an owner didn’t here? Who else would put a note in his collar? I can’t deny that I felt a little betrayed. Mum called the number to see what was going on. Turned out that Ollie (finally had a name for him) had turned up one day and been lodging at a house nearby for as long as he’d been under our patio chairs. We visited the house (which was the home to 18 other cats… 18!) and offered to adopt Ollie full time.  As he hadn’t left our garden much over the past 6 weeks, we figured he’d been abandoned. Sadly this was the story for most of those 18 cats.

The rest is history. Ollie now lives happily with Lucky, Ditsy and my mum. He is quite a character, often bringing us live birds and mice where as the other two would just eat them. He loves the tip of his nose being rubbed and whenever he plays, he has to have his mouth wide open, which is hilarious. He is very much loved, our little patio cat.

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