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Dear Blog…

If Fairy God Parents Were Real.

Dear Blog,

Do you remember the children’s television show “fairly odd parents?” It was a show I watched far too often back in my pre-teen days. Fresh out of school, I’d jump into the sofa, still in my uniform and flick through the channels until I found the one playing my favourite show. I then proceeded to waste hour after hour of my youth, watching Timmy and his two fairy god parents and their crazy adventures. It was a great time to be alive.

Now, the older I get, the more I think back to that show and how absolutely amazing it would be if fairy god parents actually existed. Or any form of spritual guardian for that matter. I’m not include Shinigami’s into that, despite how cool a character Ryuk is, he is also absolutely terrifying and does more damage than good.

If guardian angels existed, there would be no issues in our lives. We could simply wish for a solution to any of our problems. No more milk in the fridge? No problem, I’ll just wish for more milk. And It wouldn’t cost me a penny! Ok, so perhaps there should be rules. If we could just wish for anything we wanted, we’d destroy the planet in less than 2 days.
What if instead of being magical guardians, they were there to help you out, literally providing you with guidance. So this is how I want my guardian angel to be, to pop up out of nowhere and provide an answer to my question:

“Guardian Angel, what is a female lumberjack called?”
“Well Dannie, I’m glad you asked. A female lumberjack is called a lumberjill.”
“Wow. Thanks so much guardian angel”

(Then I would just freeze and let the invisible credits roll past my face)


That idea is very similar to Janice from ‘The Good Place’. Almost like a physical google!
But… What if they could do more? What if they could tell you where you left your car keys, preventing you from frantically searched your house, upending every piece of furniture? What if they could remind you what you actually went to the shop for before you buy everything else besides the toilet roll you’ve run out of?
Or… What if they could tell you who you were going to marry? Whether that person was going to be with you until the day you died. If we had something like that then we wouldn’t need to waste years on pointless people just to end up broken-hearted because we knew they were never going to be that person.
That would be a life changer. Though a lot of divorce lawyers would lose their jobs…

This is the kind of random crap I think about at half past 2 in the morning, half way though my 12 hour night shift. I need to go refill my cup of tea.

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