Curious Peas

Dear Blog…

My 2019 Review.

Dear Blog,

As the nights draw in on 2019, it is time for me to reflect on the year I’ve had, what I have learnt, mistakes I have made and the choices that have lead me in this direction for 2020.

On the surface, for me, 2019 has been a rather uneventful year. Where 2018 was a year of new beginnings and self reflection, this year has been rather mundane. While I have achieved some incredible personal goals, I leave this year feeling very much the same as I did back in January. Follow me as I take a look back through the highlights of the year and see what crazy shenanigans I’ve been up to.


– I started off the year energised and excited to undertake my first solo trip abroad. For my 26th birthday, I traveled around the west coast of Ireland, learning local customs and folk lore while seeing some amazing sights like the Cliffs of Moher.

– I also locked myself out of my house


– I bought and IPad Pro with the hope of selling some of my artwork. I spent most of the month getting to grips with digital art and it took me a good few months to get good at it.


– I ran my first 5k in 5 years with a time of 35mins and a 8 minute improvement from my last race.

– I started playing Dungeons and Dragons with a group of friends from work. Amazed myself with how much I enjoy it. #proudtobeanerd.


– Clove got into a fight with some barbed wire and somewhere particularly severed one of her toes. Several vet trips later and a £600 bill, the rest of her toe was amputated. She new has a very unique paw print.


– I had my first ever pedicure.

– My family of friends and I visited Wales for a week during which we hiked up snowdon and traveled on the worlds fastest zip line; Velocity 2!


– In June, I visited Bristol for the first time to visit Gemma and I saw a real life ‘Banksey‘ and we explore Bristol zoo.

– I started a new hobby; Indoor Rock climbing.


– For a friends birthday, we went quad biking and oh my god, it was so much fun! I can’t wait to go again.

– I participated in my second 5k of the year; Colour5k. The race wasn’t timed but I was a colourful mess by the end.

– The next day I did a 35mile cycling sportive, landing me my second medal in 2 days.

– I finally started driving lessons.


– I went Airsofting. Real life Call of Duty, I first tried in 2018. I was supposed to go in April but Clove had other ideas…


– My crowning achievement this year was travelling to New York on my own. I am still so proud of myself and it feels like yesterday.

– This also marks my first ever long haul flight.

– I passed my theory test!

– I went on a date, it was unsuccessful.


– Almost exactly a month after leaving for America, I found myself in a plane once more. This time with Gemma to Calp in Spain.

– I invested in a new hobby… more on that in 2020.


– Clove’s love life is much more successful than my own as she has been ‘dating’ a ginger Tom named Alfie since November.


– Nothing remarkable happened. Winding down and preparing for 2020.

I suppose when you look at that break down, my year has been pretty jam packed year yet I’m leaving it feeling somewhat underwhelmed. My 2020 is looking very bright, with a two week trip to Canada booked for May and a new hobby/potential career on the horizon, I am very excited to see what I’ll be writing this time next year.

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